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Custom Web Design Process

We've developed hundreds of websites over the past decade with this approach.
  • Meet / Discuss

    First, we need to have a chat about your project to discover your goals and any objectives. This will help us discover the scope of your project, how involved, or any complex functions we'll need to engage your visitors. We don't try to sell you during this phase. It's just an honest conversation about what you want and what your visitors need from your website.

  • Research / Estimate

    Now that we understand what you want and need from your website, we'll do our homework on your industry, your competitors, and how a website can best serve you. Once we have a plan in place, we'll put together an estimate and timeline of your web project. Once you've approved the estimate and given us the green-light to go ahead, we'll then start putting ideas together.

  • Sketches / Concepts

    This is where we bring your site to life. We'll sketch a few ideas, make a few notes, and then develop a concept tailored-made to your branding and content to engage your visitors. Once we've presented this concept for approval, you're absolutely free to give any feedback and note any adjustments you think critical to this concept. This phases is more or less focuses on the UI (user interface) design. That is, it's important to nail the information architecture, the sitemap, and how the content flows for the visitor.

  • Demo & Revisions

    Once we've made the initial concept revisions, we'll develop the rest of the website content to provide you with a full demo of your website. It will be 100% responsive so you can test your website on multiple devices and screen resolutions. We'll make all necessary content edits at this time so you can see the site prior to launch. Once that is complete, we'll do our part to fully optimize your content for local SEO.

  • Launch Your Website

    This is it! This is the moment that we make your website live and work for you. We'll move your website from our demo server to your live server and complete several post-launch tasks for collecting stats and tracking goal metrics. We'll use this data to put together information if you decide to go forward with a continuous SEO package. The worst thing we can do is let your website go stale or have outdated content. We want to update as often as possible to keep visitors and search engines coming back to your website for the latest information.

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