1. This looks to be the result of you copying/pasting from Microsoft Word or some other program. You should only copy from notepad/wordpad or some other simple text editor that does not place styling elements on your HTML automatically. You should style the text from within the editor only.

This could also be due to the WYSIWYG editor that you're using in the administrator program.

Editor and New Lines - Depending on your settings, the JCE Editor configurations may not have carried over with your installation. The first thing you want to do before make any changes is set your default WYSIWYG editor. You can set which editor you want to use in the Site > Global Configurations in the admin area. We prefer the JCE Editor. Whether you choose, JCE or TinyMCE, you'll want to change the 'new lines' to linebreaks <br /> instead of paragraphs <p>. Paragraphs can put unwanted spacing in your pages and positions. It will basically add the spacing whether you want it to or not - and you cannot make it stop until you change the setting - remove the code manually through the HTML source code does no good. To edit the JCE configuration, navigated to the Components > JCE Editor > Configuration. To edit the TinyMCE, navigation to the Extensions > Plugin Manager > TinyMCE plugin.

2. The 'showcase2-1.2.3' module position images are background images. You've inserted them through the admin editor and the position has padding around them for formatting. Therefore, it it cutting off your images. You much upload your images to the /images folder of the template color style (i.e. templates/equip-orange/images) you are using and then edit the css/template.css file for the image file names. The new CSS for showcase2-1 is as follows:

#showcase2-1 {width:260px; height:130px; float:left; background-color:#404040; border-left:2px solid #121212; background-image: url(../images/YOUR-FILE-NAME.jpg); background-position:top left; background-repeat:no-repeat;}